Our History

HealthSearch Partners was “born” in 2017 when three healthcare executive search leaders agreed there was a need for a high quality, high level search firm alternative for healthcare system boards and CEOs.

CES Partners, FaithSearch Partners, and Southerland Partners have come together to create a unique platform to provide a better executive search product. HealthSearch Partners is as simple as that.

Collectively, HealthSearch is the fifth largest healthcare executive search entity in the U.S. However it is still noticeably smaller than the “Big Four” firms. Why is this important? Most healthcare executive search firms subscribe to the best practice of not engaging candidates who work in organizations in which they have performed recent searches. This industry standard rightfully protects clients, but it can also prevent large executive search firms from contacting up to 33% of the best and brightest talent. HealthSearch Partners is not as hindered by these restrictions, giving us a much wider pool of elite talent from which to draw.

“We can fish in larger ponds the bigger firms can’t,” says Ed Fry, President/CEO of HealthSearch.

“Our deep history and experience enables us to provide even better service to our clients,” says Keith Southerland, Board Chair.

“Our principals will be personally leading these critical, high-level searches, not just fronting them and handing over the bulk of the work to junior consultants,” says Barry Cesafsky, Board Vice-Chair.