Strategic Alignment

On-site meetings with all key stakeholders are held to define the ideal candidate and expectations, and learn of issues impacting the search.

Our assessment is delivered within one week to confirm our understanding and align our perspectives.

Research Initiation

Upon receiving feedback on the assessment and confirmation of the proposed search plan, candidate research is refined and expanded.

A comprehensive review of potential candidates is launched and our team initiates contact with top prospects.

Candidate Development

Top prospects who express interest are initially screened by phone and/or videoconference. Focus is on prospects currently employed and successful in the leadership roles. However, high quality candidates in career transition are also considered.

Partners will conduct in-depth, personal interviews to appraise the suitability of each serious candidate.

Candidate Presentation

HealthSearch consultants facilitate a 2-3 hour meeting with the search committee or hiring executive to present, discuss, and evaluate the recommended final candidate slate.

Candidates are selected for first round, onsite interviews with the client.

Due Diligence

In depth finalist references and credentials verifications are completed. Summaries are provided to search committee or hiring executives.

Final Interviews

Candidates (and spouses, if applicable) return for final and broader stakeholder meetings. HealthSearch helps plan these visits with our client.

Offer Development

Clients are provided a detailed breakdown of each finalist's current compensation and expectations. Our partners will work in collaboration with the client to establish a competitive compensation package.


HealthSearch's commitment continues well past the offer being accepted. We advise our client and successful candidate on issues that will ease the transition. We stay in touch throughout the first year to help ensure a smooth integration between the new leader and organization.

Partners on every search