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I didn’t really have that much experience working with a search firm and I had never heard of HealthSearch Partners. At first, I was hesitant because I thought they might come in and take over my area, and give us candidates to consider without listening to us about our specific needs. But after meeting with them, I was immediately relieved because I knew HSP was going to provide us with the expert help we needed at a time of growth and development for the University. We were excited to work with an executive search firm that actually specializes in conducting searches for leaders and faculty for healthcare academic institutions. The candidates they brought us were not only able to do their jobs, but they fit in so well. It felt like these new hires had worked here for forever. They were well informed about the challenges they would encounter when they assumed their positions. It was such a stress reliever for me.

Name: Jennifer Carpenter, JD 
Title: Human Resources Director
Company: AdventHealth University

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From start to finish, I was very pleased with HSP and the search experience. I was most pleased with how HSP kept us in the loop about the progress of the search, how they met the shortened time frame for the search, and the highly qualified slate of candidates they brought to us. They worked in the background with the two finalists very effectively and they helped us make the right decision. Wendy has hit the ground running and I know she is going to be a real boost to our management team. Her strategic thinking is exactly what we wanted in a CHRO.

Name: Jim Coleman
Title: President, CEO
Company: Erlanger Health System

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Neill was helpful, always addressing questions in a timely manner. He was always accessible and helpful. There were times I would ask him how he thought things might go and he was honest and truthful with me, and I appreciated that.

Name: Dr. Michael McCoy
Title: President
Company: Great River Health

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The quality of the search firm and who, as a client, you select as a search firm says as much about you as you say about yourself. I had a candidate tell me once that she might not have considered the opportunity if it hadn’t been for how she was treated by HealthSearch and Ivan. She said she thought if this institution was using this kind of search firm that provided a more personalized approach, maybe that’s somewhere she should consider.

Name: Dr. Michael Bleich, PhD, RN, FAAN
Title: Interim Dean
Company: Polk State College

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We choose to work with HealthSearch Partners because they not only understand the competencies and caliber of the position that we are trying to fill they also understand the caliber and competencies of the executive we are trying to recruit. They know our mission, values and culture are just as important to us as the job description. We’ve used other high-powered, reputable search firms that have brought us amazingly experienced and talented candidates. But, when we really dive in during the interviews and talk about our mission to extend God’s care and our values and approach around servant leadership, and then ask them what those things mean to them, they usually don’t have a satisfactory answer or personal alignment to these things. When we ask those questions of candidates brought to us by HealthSearch Partners, it’s a quick and candid answer for them. Not because they’ve been coached about how to answer, but because that’s truly who they are.

Name: Brendan Johnson
Title: Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
Company: Adventist Healthcare, Gaithersburg, MD