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Shrinkflation: How Big Search Firms Limit Access To Top Executive Talent

In the 1980s, I.B.M. famously retained two search firms (and paid two full fees) to ensure they didn’t miss out on any potential CEO candidates. While this approach may have made sense to I.B.M. at the time, today’s healthcare organizations don’t have to resort to this solution, they simply need to hire the right search firm. Read more.

Erlanger Needed to Find A CHRO, Stat! HealthSearch Partners Delivered the Ideal Candidate

In 2023, Erlanger in Chattanooga, TN, faced an immediate need to recruit a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). Like all healthcare organizations, Erlanger faced multiple workforce challenges that needed the strategic insight of a seasoned HR professional. Read more.

Healthcare Business Ventures, Inc. Endorses HealthSearch Partners Executive Search Services To Its 53 Idaho Hospital Members

Healthcare Business Ventures, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Idaho Hospital Association based in Boise, has agreed to endorse to its 53 member hospitals the executive search services of Dallas, TX-based HealthSearch Partners (HSP). Read more.

Georgia Hospital Health Services Endorses HealthSearch Partners’ Executive Search Services for Its 145 Member Hospitals

Georgia Hospital Health Services (GHHS), the shared services subsidiary of the Georgia Hospital Association (GHA) based in Atlanta, has agreed to endorse to its 145 member hospitals the executive search services of Dallas-based HealthSearch Partners. Read more.

Dr. Susan L. Glover Joins HealthSearch Partners as Vice President, Consultant

Susan L. Glover, BSN, MHA, DOL, has joined HealthSearch Partners (HSP) as Vice President, Consultant. HSP is a nationally recognized executive search firm based in Dallas, TX, specializing in healthcare executive search, academic leadership and faculty search, and healthcare association executive search. Read more.

The Critical Connection Between Health & Wealth

How often have you heard the old adage, “Health is wealth?” Well, today it seems the converse is true, “Wealth is health.” Read more.

Building A Fearless Leadership Team

For a system to remain effective and continually improve the level of care it provides, it must embrace change — even seek it. Read more.