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The HealthSearch Partners Difference

Choosing the same monster-sized search firms again and again for your executive staffing won’t deliver a different kind of experience. That’s why you’ll appreciate the HSP difference.

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We partner with a variety of non-profit, mission-focused healthcare organizations to fulfill their executive staffing needs.

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Diversity produces better results.

We don’t just believe in diversity, we deliver on diversity with a majority of our hired candidates representing diverse communities.

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You work with senior search consultants.

The search consultants you meet with initially are those with whom you’ll work throughout the search engagement.

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Personalized, not monster-sized.

We conduct a more tailored, more accessible, more successful search experience.

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Focused on fit.

We match the right candidate with the right experience to the right organization at the right time.

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A broader pool of candidates.

Bigger search firms have many candidates that are “off limits.” We don’t.

PRO|FILE ℠: A proven process that produces results.

It begins with a thorough in-person collaboration with our clients, developing a comprehensive analysis of the position to be filled, the culture of the organization, and the attributes of the ideal candidate. The goal is to create a sound foundation for screening candidates and generating interest in the position. The Pro|File℠ process has proven to put the right person in the right position, time and time again.


At the outset of the search, HealthSearch Partners will prepare a detailed engagement letter that clearly identifies the scope of services to be offered, including both client and consultant responsibilities as well as the scheduled fees and expenses.


In order to gain important knowledge and insight about the specific recruitment position, HealthSearch Partners consultant(s) will visit with the hiring executive and/or the Selection Committee.


A Pro|File℠ synopsis will be prepared that outlines the duties, responsibilities, and reporting relationships for the position, as well as the education, experience and personal characteristics sought in the ideal candidate.


We will conduct necessary research to develop a target list of prospective candidates and sources. We employ resources such as national professional associations, regional and local trade organizations and societies, and the vast depth of the Internet to identify ideal candidates.


We will contact as many prospective candidates as possible to discuss the opportunity. We actively recruit well-qualified individuals and encourage referrals from candidates either not interested or not qualified.


We conduct in-depth, personal interviews with potential candidates to obtain a thorough understanding of their backgrounds and career goals, judging their suitability against the established position specifications.


We prepare a written biographical and interview summary, and present the information to the client under a “Personal and Confidential” cover. We consult and advise the hiring executive and/or Selection Committee throughout the interview selection process.


We submit regular written and verbal reports to the appropriate representatives throughout the course of the search.


We directly contact superiors, peers, and subordinates from current and past employers of the final candidate(s). Our reference checks verify factual data and explore strengths and weaknesses to gain insight into personal and professional style. Our findings are summarized in writing and presented to the client.


We verify the education of candidates and present written evidence on the Confidential Candidate Report summary for each final candidate.


We will assist in structuring and negotiating the terms of employment. Our counsel can include compensation negotiations, offer letter preparation, and verbal extension of offers.


After a search is completed, we regularly communicate with both the placement and the hiring representative or HR partner to help ensure a smooth transition. This often takes the form of executive coaching.

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Successful Searches, Satisfied Clients

We choose to work with HealthSearch Partners because they not only understand the competencies and caliber of the position that we are trying to fill they also understand the caliber and competencies of the executive we are trying to recruit. They know our mission, values and culture are just as important to us as the job description. We’ve used other high-powered, reputable search firms that have brought us amazingly experienced and talented candidates. But, when we really dive in during the interviews and talk about our mission to extend God’s care and our values and approach around servant leadership, and then ask them what those things mean to them, they usually don’t have a satisfactory answer or personal alignment to these things. When we ask those questions of candidates brought to us by HealthSearch Partners, it’s a quick and candid answer for them. Not because they’ve been coached about how to answer, but because that’s truly who they are.

Brendan Johnson
Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
Adventist Healthcare
Gaithersburg, MD