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Why choosing the right search partner matters to your future success.

By Neill Marshall, Chairman, HealthSearch Partners

“Be creative. Innovate consistently on the little things that the big companies ignore. Little things often make big diffeences in business.”   Richard Branson

HealthSearch Partners (HSP) recently completed focus-group interviews with previous and current clients to get their thoughts about the firm and about the executive search experience in general. One interview stood out to me and others in the firm. The interviewee’s comments underscored what we have always felt is a primary differentiator for HSP, our size.

“HealthSearch Partners is not one of the big monster search firms,” the former client said. “I like that HSP is more medium-sized, that’s a strong differentiator to me. As a candidate who was placed in my current position by HSP, and as a client, I like both aspects of being smaller.HSP is more approachable and more accessible, so I work with senior members of the firm. HSP is more client and candidate focused and its communication to both parties is extremely helpful. As a mid-sized firm, HSP can contact a limitless number of candidates networking with folks that other firms are not able to approach.”

These comments zero-in on the key points we stress with clients and potential clients about the advantages we offer:

  • The firm’s size is intentional. With many of our executive search leaders coming from the monster firms, we knew we didn’t want to be another “800-pound gorilla.”
  • While monster size is good in some cases like savings on large purchases, TV screens, or airplane seats, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to working with a search partner.
  • Our senior leaders, not junior staff, are the contacts clients work with throughout the search engagement, from initial discussions until final candidate placement.
  • Every day we hear from clients how much they appreciate how approachable and accessible we are. They also tell us the continual communication we maintain with them differentiates us from others.
  • HealthSearch Partners has practically no “off-limits” concerns (a mere 4%). This is significant for our clients’ ability to attract the best fit for their organizations. The larger search firms can have up to one-third of the potential candidate pool “blocked” due to a variety of reasons – prohibited from contacting potential candidates at client organizations, those who were former placements, and those involved in another search the firm is conducting (a practice known as candidate hoarding). This can represent hundreds of prospects who are unavailable to clients for specific search engagements.
  • HealthSearch Partners will not agree to engage in a specific high profile search that competes with current client engagements until we present candidates to the search committee. This is our standard practice because the pool of potential candidates capable of leading an organization the size and scope of most clients is miniscule. Those leaders who are open and willing to consider a new opportunity is even smaller. If a search partner is conducting even one competing search, it could decrease the number of candidates available to the client by as much as 50%.
  • Every client receives white glove treatment that features highly personalized attention. If you’re a healthcare organization looking for an executive search partner, wouldn’t you rather be “top dog” rather than just one of the pack?
  • With nearly three-quarters of a century of combined experience in executive search, HealthSearch Partners has a broad network of established connections to reach the widest pool of candidates.
  • More than 50% of our placements are comprised of healthcare professionals who represent diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Ivan Bartolome, president of HealthSearch Partners, underscores the importance of the firm’s size to its reputation for excellent customer service and placement results. “We pride ourselves on the individually-tailored, personalized search experience we are able to provide our clients, We consider our clients to be part of our family and that’s something monster size firms simply can’t offer.”

Finding the executive search partner that’s right for your organization has never been more important. We invite you to learn more about HealthSearch Partners search experience and why our size benefits you.

About the author: With more than 30 years of experience in healthcare recruiting and special expertise in physician-related consulting, Neill Marshall has been involved in hundreds of senior level assignments. He’s held leadership roles with major executive search firms. His early experience includes healthcare supply sales. Neill holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration/Management degree from Texas A&M University. He has spoken to professional groups, trustee groups and boards of directors on physician recruiting and other healthcare issues and has authored journal articles and promotional publications. To contact Neill: 972-768-5827

About HealthSearch Partners: HealthSearch Partners is a nationally recognized healthcare executive search firm. We partner with mission-driven hospitals and health systems to find leaders who are focused on success. As a mid-sized firm, our senior search leaders work with clients throughout the engagement, accessing a larger pool of talent, to find the right candidate that is the right fit.